Chanda mama s cmg closer on mar 19th

yeah .,Lunar Perigee or Supermoon is the named cald 4 dis process
 by our astronomers ..,usually dis process occur  once n 19 years nd 
dis may cause natural disasters lik tsunami, earthquake, extreme weather
 and high tides etc. Supermoon is actually a situation whn d moon s
 slightly closer 2 Earth n itz orbit than n average, nd dis effect s mst
 noticeable whn it occurs @ d same time as a full moon,and tats gonna
 happen on coming march 19th 2011.watever it may be am personally
 lil excited 2 see it .. and I saw a video explaining about this process..
jus look in2 it buddies.. letz pray for a good SuperMoon without any
 bad news and disasters 

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  1. my good god ..nothing bad happened on that day.., and i saw the moon was really really big


yep! now comment it please