i followed thse things whn i search for a job!it may help yu .,so follow!

1st impressions s very important, so, make sure u present urself well by dressing neatly.. Next whn yr name s announced nd yu enter d room, confidently wish d interviewer/s either, good morning, good afternoon, etc;, depending on d time. It would b a good idea 2 carry all relevant originals along vth a set f copies vth yu.. Prepare in advance and read about the company, its core businesses, its turnover , any recent developments. This will show your interest in the organization. Be prepared for questions like- What are your most important contributions in your previous job, or what are your strengths and weaknesses? What is it that you are looking for in the job? What is your salary expectation ? etc;, Good preparation will help you perform well without any nervousness. Always be calm and collected. Always show a willingness to learn, and in case you do not understand a query, then be bold and respectfully request the interviewer to repeat it. Similarly if you do not know the answer to a question then accept it truthfully rather than beating about the bush. What the interviewer generally looks for is how confidently the interviewee handles himself and how he reacts to pressure or other stimuli. So, prepare your self well and do your best.

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