Zysville Technologies Booming Up!

In my life oct-Nov Month of the year 2011 gonna be a very important month coz of My Own "Zysville Technologies".Roamed,Talked,Searched,HardWorked,Lived and Loved my zysville and for the booming up of zysville . As a result we got that big thing as we all waited for "Sub Broker Of SSJ Finance and securities Pvt Lmt".Now we need to get rush up vth Trading Concepts and search for some most valuable clients from my side . a funny thing tat i have noticed for this month is i alwayz use some words throu out the day outta hours ."Sell,Buy,Vittukala,Loss,Profit,Entaayi,Point,UpTrend,Sir etc " . Now my lovely colleagues also very eagerly and wholeheartedly trying to get some valuable clients as our Booming Ups . Now i wish al the very best for ma mates to give up themselves for zysville as much as they can. "Vimal" "Saji" "Sibi" "Ranjith" "manu" "pradeesh" "Ashok" are some of the kind and good hearts which i have seen in this week.those people motivated and helped us for the Share Market thing. Love you 'll . Lotz of thanks for those pupil helped us out. xoxo :-P

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