Tough Days:(

             I would say ,the days i am living now must be the worst days n my whole life time, I mean i find myself caught in quarrel with everyone without any reason.You may be wondering why I am talking like dis.,am adjusting about my present world.I am not a person who live such .To be frank and true,lemme take this day..this was another worst days I had in my life. My day began with romantic dreams in eyes. I saw the sun tapping from the chinks at my window at mrng 08.00 coz i wake up at that time. I thought it would be a great day at work and in ma personnel . But I invited doom to my day as I fell into conversation call with a grumpy and mean-spirited person right in the morning before setting out for office. It spoiled my mood and that too, in a sense that I am still in outrage and want to kick his ass . Sorry for wrong word to use. But I really feeling like that, even though I don't want to.Then at the office I had almost good day but that grumpy face of idiot lingered in memory and spoiled almost my daytime. Feelings of anger and beating him returned to my mind every now and then.I came back with a bitter mood to my room. But on my way back I had word with my old friend who had bullish mouth and had no sense at all.he is a kind of MF who always irritate me when i talk or conversant with him, Again stuck up with a bad guy like mrng.This is just today but most of the day i am getting these kind of struggles.Recently my days have been going bad.At first, I did not know what to do.Now i use to to tackle it i use to mingle with it and living my life just the way it is and i fell everything is fine.I think things will get better for me.I must plan to see a astrologer soon,not because i believe in such shit but for my peace of mind. It's only a matter of time i hope.I realize i am living in the land of issues and problem.if i cant tackle it how will i suppose to live forward for i am living as what I wish.... and I wish the one who talk with me is the Self thinker as me :-| 

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